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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

And tonight we have sleet and hail

Seven degrees and a southerly. Brrrrrrrr

Dark shadows is a light, funny, vampire spoof. An ok Burton/Depp/Bonham Carter film for a wintry miz night. That theatre is close to here and a real gem; couch seating with cushions and your coffee or wine resting beside you. Comfy. If you see it - when you get to the scene where Depp puts his head on the organ, think of Mish. She loved that bit, (and Michelle Pfieffer's 1970s outfits). Then, when we came out at 10pm it was brilliant, clear and cool. Milky Way sparkling and the air washed.

Saw The grey a couple of nights back with two friends - scary stuff with Liam Neeson versus wolves in Alaska. Mish: 'highly implausible'. Great scenery though. Funny how none of us really like tense thriller type films - what were we doing there?!

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