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Monday, February 13, 2012

Summer days

That's got to be the most boring blog title - sorry about that, am winding down after an editing day. Mish offering to take me out to see The artist...could be a goer.

Bought myself a GN250 for my birthday, and Mish bought the helmet (more than the bike, yikes!). Black, black, or black, thems ya choices in helmet colours. Got the Darth Vader one.

Bike goes well ('cause I bought it off my uncle, ex head of the local Ulysses chapter), but has no WOF (NZ version of pink slip), no rego. It does have insurance now, although good luck to me if I fall off an unregistered bike (NOT going to happen). Riding home I remembered a few things, like don't think about anything else and lean, don't steer. It's been about 13 years since I owned a bike. Brother Greg is lined up for a refresher.

Had a family picnic on glorious day yesterday. Rocky beach, a little fish feeding (some call it fishing), lazing about and feet dangling in water while eating lovely picnic food. Other brave souls actually going in. 17 is a tad cool for me.

Mish finally settles on a business name for her multiple design arms. Stay tuned for the website.

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