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Friday, January 13, 2012


More extreme weather coming today; very blowy out there, forecast 120-140kph northwesterlies until Sunday. Warm though, but we're glad we're not camping. Whitecaps in the harbour, murk in the air.

Mish 'did' the front yard. Steps are from one of our fences that came down and there are layers of hay and horse plops. Tres fertile. The berm needs a trailer load of soil and then some planting, so guests reading in bed will look out their window at a landscaped yard with hills beyond. Next - the front entry, that really is a dog's breakfast of broken concrete layers at odd angles.

But first, a spot of lunch! Mischa's fabulous onion tart...


  1. MMMM wish I was there to have some of Mischy's Onion Tart! Well am trying hard to visualise Carol as a mermaid... loved the photo of the little fern frond stuck to the window..too cute! Wow am also struggling with my imagination a bit trying to visualise your front yard looking something other than like the aftermath of a twister! Woke up on Wednesday morning to 1 degree!! its the middle of Summer!! AND its snowing in Thredbo...insane!

    Hurry up March... all my love Merran

    1. Wow! that IS insane weather! so you're not the only ones having strange weather events. Terribly windy here today, even by Wellington standards... but at least its from the NE, rather than the South - we're a bit more protected from the North winds.
      Been up at a berry farm today and have bought jam making raspberries - so will make a pot or 5 tomorrow YUM!

  2. It's cooler than usual in Sydney, with rain off and on, and humidity. Not good for outdoor Sydney Festival events. Hope the weather is better in Northland, above Auckland, when I go cycling in February. Love your mermaid?! Judy