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Friday, January 20, 2012

One year

We've been in NZ one year. Fancy.

Was going to celebrate yesterday by going out to dinner, but we ran out of steam in the evening, stayed home, had leftovers and watched the new Absolutely Fabulous. Twenty years on and still fabulous.

So today we celebrated and went to the zoo. Wellington zoo is a little zoo, recently made world famous because of the ongoing ops on the emperor penguin who strayed too far from home and ate too much sand on a NZ beach, and the viral You Tube footage of the girl who is standing very still at the glass viewing area while a male lion goes nuts against the glass.

We saw energetic otters, kiwis up close with no one else in the nocturnal house (yeah!), meercats on the watch, noisy Americans photographing but not looking, sleeping chimps - the usual zoo stuff. Nothing happening in the hospital, we missed the morning show of a tui xray and possum eye op. So cool though to have big windows where you can see what the vets are poking into on the operating table, and ask them questions too.

Bought some framing timber on the way home. We've deconstructed the side shed - which was jammed between fence and house and leaking - and we'll reconstruct it sideways and in a smaller frame. Everyone said drill out the rivets - well, that didn't work, but the sledgehammer did! Shed was laying on the ground in panels in record time when the big tool came out. Mish will very noisily cut the panels and we'll get Mark's help to bang together an internal frame. Should have a nice 'new' shed for bikes and bbq next week.

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