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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Guy Fawkes day

Saturday was Guy Fawkes day, and also lamb and calf day at Pauhatanui School. That's an annual event where the kids bring the lamb or calf they've been looking after to the school fair. Hundreds of people; we had to park a kilometre away. We failed to win any of the guessing competitions (the weight of the fleece after shearing; which grid square the cow will poop in when they let her into the pen), but we had  a great time!

Guy Fawkes is New Zealand's fireworks night. We threw a family dinner here, and the wind dropped from gale force the day before - right on cue. GF night is as big as it ever was, despite the limits on the sale of fireworks. They go on sale three days before and stop on Nov 5, the anniversary of Guy Fawkes and his pals trying to blow up the English parliament centuries ago. So we bought a few rockets and whizzers, and the family turned up with some bigger rockets and bangers.

Our concrete back yard was a good launching place and from our spot on the hill we had a cool view of everyone else's fireworks, and then the big show in the city at 9pm.

That dinner was our kitchen's last hurrah.
Sunday night. We now have an empty living room and an empty kitchen, and the demolition/kitchen reno begins tomorrow.

Fireworks still going off around us tonight...

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