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Monday, October 3, 2011

Warm Wellington days

Visitors coming and going. Robin, Gillian and Luca bowled in for a few days and we've been in and out of the city and up the line.
Wellington is chock a block with the rugby world cup crowd - it's like Sydney trying to find a park! The place is buzzing with music and events and games and mad Tongans rampaging through the streets with enormous flags (cause they beat France in an upset).  All of NZ is gloomy as Dan Carter, one of the key All Blacks, is out, with - wait for it - the ubiquitous football injury... a groin strain.

We've just had a warm and calm weekend, lovely. Monday - rainy and cooler, and we got a tad wet racing from the Museum of the City and the Sea along the waterfront and back to the car. Nearly every ship in the NZ navy is in town. With today's low cloud, the city's grey harbour had an eerie wartime look to it as we drove home.

Mish, Robin, Gillian and Luca spent Sunday on the Kapiti coast, shopping, eating, playing tourist, and competing against each other in a photo contest. They put themselves into two teams, and Luca devised five categories: artistic; transport; colourful; wildlife; silly. The judge (CT) had a difficult time when they got home as lots of them were actually quite good. The two teams presented their images, and here are a couple of winning shots.

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