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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Three gabions and cuts and scrapes

But we are getting better, as predicted.
Beautiful afternoon, sun streaming in, lots of yachts on the harbour. We've stopped work to head out for dinner at an old pal's place. Beer 4 me; wine 4 Mish. Blackbird going off merrily and sparrows looking  - wo! just had to stop mid blog post and ping a cat with the supersoaker; got it! -now, where was I?

Oh yeah, sparrows looking around hopefully where we've been working and THAT'S why I bought a supersoaker, haha. We've got a neighbourhood of cats, and they sure love to stroooooll through. Got to sneak up on them with the supersoaker, they don't like that, but I've got a few good shots in - that's a spray for the birds, you feline killers. (Sorry Jude.)

1 comment:

  1. Just as long as that's water in the supersoaker. Birds and cats don't mix, so a water deterrent is a good solution. Jude