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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A short report

Bathroom almost done ( mirror came with wrong fitting today; loo not flushing properly)
Getting another loo, off kitchen; new kitchen coming ASAP

Lots of plants going in gradually (grasses, natives, fruit trees)
Gathering materials for landscaping: rubble (gabions); old fence (vegie boxes); railway sleepers (steps)
Mish got her big fence in so she doesn't have to look at the neighbours (view much improved from kitchen)

Making plans for deck and paths in the west
and an open garden of pumpkins etc on east 'lawn'
with grasses, flowers and a meadow on the  lump bumpy thing out front

Floor sanding imminent (carpet begone, polished rimu stand forth)

Mum turned 80
Visitors in, visitors out, visitors in...

Mish fell down a bank carrying a sloppy bucket of horse poo
oh yeah, it did -
lost her glasses
and couldn't take a shower as the tiler was siliconing in there

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