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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Working from home in a sleet storm

The polar blast continues, but it's slowing down to sleet, hail and graupel (soft hail). We've been having lessons in the Auckland centric media on such things as: what is snow? Aucklanders have been raving about their experience, which was apparently more graupel than snow, and South Islanders, especially in snowbound Christchurch, are going: what?! Snow aint rare down there.

Getting patches of sun today, and taking advantage of that to nick outside and put a bread/seed mix on the grass for the birds. Sparrows, chaffinches, yellowhammers, blackbirds, silvereyes, etc, poor little blighters. Food disappears!

And the southerly still wuthers  the house and sleet runs down the living room window...

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