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Monday, July 25, 2011

Winter arrives!

We're in a wintry landscape here; a nice cold blast has blown up from Antartica and we're all a'shiver. Snow all over the South Island -   early lambs will thinking that was a mistake- and severe frosts over a lot of the country tomorrow. Mish working outside today, as you do, planting a pohutakawa tree in the yard as snowflakes settled on her arm.
Snow was forecast down to 200mt today in the lower half of the North Island, and we are at 250mt.
From our living room  we can see snow on the ranges to the east, a snow covered mountain over in the west at Kaikoura, whitecaps in the harbour and crashing waves at the ocean end of the runway.
Watching tv pictures of people cross country skiing in Christchurch CBD, and nice to see them throwing snowballs and enjoying Mother Nature for a change - one Cantabrian said the 'snow is the icing on the quake'.

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