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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Some good news

Because there is always good news, lurking with intent in the windmills of your mind...

We've got heating!
House-wide gas radiator heating. It's a cold, brisk southerly out there now, Sunday night, straight off Antartica and heading for an overnight low of 4, and we are sitting on 20 inside. The radiators are doing a great job, and the only problem is the wind leaking into the house via window gaps. And wo, there are some doozy gaps. All the curtains move. We're onto that with tape and 3M see through film that you put on and shrink wrap with a hairdryer. The latter gets a run tomorrow so I hope we can get it onto the harbour facing picture window without cocking it up. Otherwise there will be permanent ripples on the water below. And bad words.

The heating went in over three days - quite a performance - and then we had a heat recovery ventilation system go in as well. This moves dry air from the roof cavity into the house and flushes us with filtered dry air. All the rage in NZ, coming to a city near you (Melbourne). HRV is supposed to dry the house and be fabulous for breathing. When the underfloor and ceiling insulation go in (soon)  we are going to be uber toasty. Especially if we stop those draughts.

A wonderful bonus of the new gas hot water/ heating system is something we sure had our fingers crossed for - better water pressure. The shower has been dismal...soooo bad. Hot water took half an hour to get to the shower head, and then it took a very light touch to get the water just so - boiling and freezing being neck and neck on the dial. Then, when you finally got the temperature right, the pathetic flow was a most unsatisfying shower experience. No more! All is fixed. We don't have to cough up $5000 on a tank and pump system to improve water pressure and we're really happy about that.

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